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We are among Delhi’s top mobile repairing institutes, offering comprehensive courses on mobile hardware and software solutions. Our training covers all smartphone and basic phone models, ensuring practical learning. Our Mobile Repairing Centre guarantees 100% solutions for all mobile faults. Students receive specialized training on various software-related issues using different boxes. Contact us for more details on our mobile repairing course.

Cell Phone Solution in Delhi offers short-term skill development courses at affordable fees. Our curriculum imparts practical knowledge and theoretical concepts in mobile repairing, making students adept at resolving technical problems of any mobile device.

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    eMMC Topics

    • What is eMMC & It’s markting types
    • What is eMMC & eMCP
    • Manufecturer of eMMC & How to identify eMMC on motherboard
    • How many types of eMMC
    • eMMC version & RAM support
    • Partition’s of eMMC
    • eMMC log study & It’s solution
    • Why ISP connection is dangerous for eMMC & It’s precaution
    • How to create RAW dump
    • Programming of eMMC
    • How to find bad health eMMC & It’s condition
    • How to know a eMMC will work how long time in that phone
    • Re-Partitioning of eMMC & Why its required to do
    • Re-Programming of eMMC
    • How to repair Boot Config
    • What is Boot bus configer
    • What is RST-N function
    • How to handle SLC & MLC
    • eMMC 90% consume solution
    • What is Pre-OEL status
    • What is Factory Firmware & how to write it in emmc
    • RPMB clean process
    • How to upgrade/ downgrade eMMC size
    • How to change eMMC ( qualcomm, mtk, exynos, spd chipset handset)
    • How to create Micron eMMC RPMB counter ‘0’
    • How to recover dead samsung eMMC

    USB Protocol

    • Samsung flashing
    • Redmi/Xiaomi Flashing
    • Vivo flashing
    • Oppo/Realme Flashing
    • Techno Flashing
    • Spark Flashing
    • By Chipset flashing
    • By Vendor Flashing
    • Pin/Patter/Face/Finger Unlocking by chipset
    • Pin/Patter/Face/Finger Unlocking by Vendor
    • Pin/Patter/Face/Finger Unlocking by
    • Android Partition
    • samsung FRP unlocking via Offline/ Online and by Android partition
    • Redmi/Vivo/Oppo/Techno frp unlocking via online/offline and by android partition
    • mi account remove online/ offline and by android partition

    UFS Topics

    • What is UFS & UMCP
    • Types of UFS & It’s version
    • UFS partitions info
    • Partiton info according chipset type
    • How to create RAW backup
    • What is Android partitons
    • What is Vendor partitons
    • How to create self support backup system
    • Errors in UFS
      UFS chip configuration editing
      OTP chip config ( desable to enabled)
    • How to work with bad health UFS
    • How to programm UFS
    • RPMB section of UFS
    • Changing possiblilty of UFS

    Tracing & Fault Finding

    • Charging Section Type & Deep Functional Knowledge
      • Analog Charging
      • Digital Charging
      • Type C Jack Configuration
      • Fast Charging
      • Wireless Charging Etc
    • Explain About Voltage Divider Circuit
    • Explain About Primary, VPH & Secondary Line
    • Diagnose Leakage & Short Circuit By
      • DC Power Supply
      • Thermal Cam
      • Short Killer
    • Explain About 
      • Buck Circuit
      • LDO Circuit
      • Boost Circuit
    • Power Boot Sequence & Working Command
    • Protocol & their Functions
      • I2C, I2S, SPI, SPMI, RFEE
    • Light Section & their Functions
      • Analog Light Section
      • Digital Light Section
      • AMOLED Light Section
      • Super AMOLED Light Section
    • Graphic Section & their Functions
      • PMI Based
      • Separate Graphic IC
    • Touch Section & Their Troubleshooting
    • Network Section & its Function Operation
      • No Service
      • Emergency Call
      • Radio Off
      • Low Network
      • 2G Network Coming But 4G Not Coming
    • Sim Card & Memory Card Problem
    • Sensors & its Troubleshooting
      • Hall Sensor
      • Fingerprint Sensor
      • Magnetic Sensor
      • Gyro Sensor
      • Proximity Sensor
    • WI-FI/BT/GPS Section Explain & Troubleshooting
    • Camera Section Explain & Troubleshooting

    Practical Sessions

    • Explain about all professional repairing tools

    • Handling hot air gun station

    • Handling soldering iron station

    • Understanding of hot air temperature control

    • Removing/reballing/re-installing glued ic (white/black)

    • CPU drilling safest way

    • Double Decker IC all process

    • Repair damage/broken motherboard pads

    • Handling small components by hot air gun & soldering station

    • Micro jumper underlayers

    • Plastic connectors, hybrid sim sockets etc

    • Swapping

    • Explain about Lazer mode

    • How to change type C charging jack

    • How to repair damage lcd flex

    • How to do masking

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